Why should I get in touch with a criminal defense attorney after being accused of DUI?

Serious DUI charges will have a long impact on your life. If you’re charged with DUI, it’s important to know your rights and the consequences after a conviction. Hiring a criminal defense lawyer can prove beneficial in numerous ways. With their expertise in DUI law, they will provide you with insights regarding DUI laws.

Before hiring them, it’s best if you could decide if they are right for you or not. If you or someone close to you is facing DUI charges, an experienced criminal defense lawyer can prove their innocence to the court. Let’s know why you need to contact a Norwell criminal defense attorney after being accused of DUI.

  • They Understand DUI Laws: Criminal defense lawyers have extensive knowledge and understanding of the DUI Laws. As they have expertise in dealing with DUI cases similar to yours, they will create a better outcome for your DUI case. The laws surrounding DUI vary from one state to another. So, it’s best if you hire a criminal defense attorney who practices in your state. A skilled criminal defense lawyer will stay updated with the current changes and developments in DUI Laws. They will also navigate you through the complicated legal systems.
  • They Can Reduce Penalties and Jail Time: DUI charges come with severe consequences. In some cases, it would include penalties, jail time, probation, and license suspension. You might also be ordered for community service. When you contact a professional criminal defense lawyer with DUI experience, they will help you reduce the penalties and jail time. Whether you’ve been accused wrongly or it’s your first DUI conviction, the DUI lawyers will undoubtedly help you avoid harsher penalties.
  • They Can Find Loopholes in the Case Against You: DUI eviction often depends on subjective evidence. This means that the public prosecutor needs to present evidence in the court beyond a reasonable doubt to prove that you were guilty of driving under the influence. A reputed DUI lawyer will go through your case and examine the facts. They will look for loopholes and inconsistencies in the prosecution’s case against you. For instance, if there were no probable cause that led to your arrest, the tests from the breathalyzer won’t be submitted to the court. Your criminal defense lawyer would also present evidence to contradict the prosecution’s case and create reasonable doubt. As a result, the judge may dismiss the charges.

Whether you’re facing minor DUI charges or major, a professional criminal defense lawyer will create a strong defensive strategy and ensure the best outcome from the case. With their knowledge and expertise, the process will be less daunting.