How Long Does a Car Accident Claim Take to Settle?

There is no fixed amount of time for a car accident claim to settle because many factors come into play when striking a settlement. Each car accident is different, and therefore, the time taken to resolve it completely also varies.

From several weeks to a couple of months, or even years, the exact amount of time may depend on your particular case. It is advisable to hire a professional car accident attorney who can help you expedite your claim process. You can see more here to understand exactly how a good and experienced attorney can help you with your case.

Moving on, today we will look at the different factors that play a crucial role in determining the length of the settlement process. So, let’s begin.


Overview of the Car Accident Settlement Process

Having a good attorney by your side can help you understand the value of your case. They will gather all the necessary evidence on your behalf and prepare to negotiate with the insurance company to defend your rights.

Once the claim is filed, the insurance company will assess the damages incurred and your medical bills. Following that, they might offer a settlement amount. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you get the compensation you deserve. They will speak to medical practitioners and accident reconstructionists to determine the true value of your case and pursue a fair settlement.

It is important to understand that there is no average time for the settlement amount to come through. Your case may take several twists and turns which may delay the entire process.

Factors that Regulate the Settlement Process

In general, the following factors affect the settlement process.

  • Interrogation of Liability

In certain car accidents, establishing liability and demonstrating the negligence of the opposing party is quite tough. Also, if it is a case of shared fault, the process gets complicated further. So if this first step of proving carelessness takes long, the entire process may get long-drawn.

  • Eyewitness Accounts

If there were several eyewitnesses to the accident, you will have to talk to each one of them and get recorded statements. This process of interviewing so many people may take up to several months. After all, it is not very easy to coordinate with so many people and successfully use their eyewitness accounts to back up your case.

  • Recovery Time for Your Injuries

If you are still receiving medical treatment for your injuries, your total medical bill amount is yet not clear. Once you have obtained all treatment, only then will you know your exact expenses which will give you a clear idea of the compensation amount you must request. And all this may lead to a delay in the claim settlement process.

  • The insurance Company is in No Rush to Settle

The more massive the accident, the longer it will take for a case to settle. Insurance companies are always looking for ways to reduce the compensation amount. And as a result, they thoroughly investigate the case and try to detect small pieces of information they can use against you and devalue the claim. And they may also delay in providing the compensatory amount.

Working with a car accident attorney is helpful to accelerate the legal process. These professionals are familiar with the tips and tricks of the insurance providers and can tactfully handle all communications with them to improve the final outcomes.